I develop, cast, and produce television by day, write and perform comedy by night, and I’m about to drop the mic on the parenting game.

Born in Bethesda, MD to teenage parents I was raised in an upper lower class broken home by my mom and dad, then my mom, then my mom and my step-dad, then my mom, and often by my grandmother. You have all of them to thank and/or blame for the the man/child/living deity that you see before you today. I currently am or once was:osaka300

  • A breakdancer
  • A Prince fanatic
  • A voracious reader
  • Winner of the Teenage Mr. Maryland Bodybuilding Championship
  • A personal trainer
  • A software salesman
  • A Spartan Racer
  • A Harley rider
  • A gun owner
  • A low level “internet celebrity”
  • An atheist with a god complex
  • A blogger
  • A cast member on a reality show
  • A reality TV casting director
  • Sober
  • Married
  • Divorced
  • An author
  • A “manager”
  • A standup comic
  • A tattoo enthusiast
  • Engaged
  • A good person
  • A terrible person

and now, the one that will outshine them all — a Bad Ass Dad.